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COVID-19 Precautions Policy

Thank you so much for visiting Pun 1ntended!

As the situation with COVID-19 evolves day to day, our top priority during these challenging times continues to be the health and safety of our colleagues, customers, and community.

At Pun 1ntended, taking are of our employees is of the utmost importance. All P1 employees are provided with health insurance. We are all following the mandate to wear a mask when necessary, wash their hands properly and thoroughly, and follow social distancing protocol per the CDC guidelines.

Current supplier regulations limit the international shipping to certain countries but as a precaution, Pun 1ntended will be limiting all shipping to U.S. orders only. While shipping times may have increased (5-10 business days), they could be getting back to normal shortly (2-4 business days). Please prepare for longer shipping times, just in case.

We have seen an abnormally large amount of garment styles and sizes running out of stock, especially in the Bella-Canvas products.  We believe this is still due to limitations caused by COVID-19 in manufacturing, shipping, and distribution of new garments.  We do not have information on when these shortages will be resolved, but we will be emailing you if you have an order that we can’t fulfill due to these reasons.  Just be aware that there may more than the usual number of items that become limited in availability until this clears up.

Thank once again for visiting and thank you for your patience and understanding during these difficult times. Please stay safe and God bless!